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Energy and Sustainability Services

At the Ramsay Group, we take a comprehensive approach to sustainability that allows our clients a complete picture of their energy landscape—from energy efficiency to renewables.


Sustainability and climate change are becoming issues of business competitiveness and civic planning. Starting on this journey now is critical to success in the years ahead. We offer the following comprehensive sustainability and energy management services to help you get there:

  • Energy Audits / Assessments for Commercial and Residential Structures
  • Long Term Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Planning for Municipalities
  • Program Design and Evaluation
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance Tracking
  • Renewable Energy Risk Analysis
  • GHG Calculation and Reduction Strategy
  • Policies and Procedures Development
  • LEED Qualification

    Demand Response Program


    The Ramsay Group provides turn-key energy solutions with extensive expertise in designing and implementing effective Demand Response (DR) strategies. When municipalities and businesses participate in a Demand Response Programs they don’t just save money by reducing energy costs but also make a difference in California’s energy and economic well-being by reducing electricity when it is needed most.


    Qualifying businesses that can reduce power when statewide energy supplies are low can earn financial incentives. Businesses and institutions can earn thousands of dollars per month in incentives while participating in a DR program and additional payments every time an event occurs that calls to reduce consumption. The Ramsay Group works with municipalities and businesses to determine the feasibility of participation in the program through an energy assessment and the installation of a fully funded Energy Management System that automatically shuts down non-essential equipment during demand response events without negatively affecting operations or production.


    By participating in a Demand Response program your business or organization can help protect your community from blackouts, prevent new power plants from being built, stabilize energy prices, and earn extra income.

For further information, please contact Francie Finn – Director of Energy Services at (415) 571-4117 or EMAIL us. We would love to hear from you.

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