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Over 60 Million Dolllars in Grant Funding.



For nearly two decades, TRG has had the opportunity to provide a significant number of Charitable Organizations as well as public and private agencies with quality project planning and funds development services, resulting in improved service delivery and over 60 million dollars in critical grant funding. As our client, the Ramsay Group will serve as an extension to your current staff providing comprehensive funds development services such as- but not limited to- strategic planning, program development and grant writing .


I. Retainer Program

TRG will conduct grant source research, alert you to grant opportunities, prepare proposals, and provide ongoing advice, consultation and grant advocacy. Below are TRG’s standard retainer programs, which can be tailored to meet the funds development needs of individual organizations.


Fund Development Planning: The first step in our relationship is a fund development plan. This phase is completely analytical in nature were interviews with leadership, review of current program and services, and (if warranted) the creation of new program and services are done. Based on this information, we prepare a draft report outlining fund development objectives for current and new programs; funds development opportunities; the sufficiency of the present staff and systems to realize those opportunities and a clearly defined timeline with attainable goals.

Grant Specific Research: TRG will provide extensive analysis and research necessary to ensure that grants meet the definition of suitability and sustainability. This includes:

  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges to implementing and administering specific grants.

  • Identifying potential partnerships (public/private partnerships, or non-profits) to leverage resources and grant funding.

  • Minimize impact on staff resources during grant research process by working independently as much as possible, yet thoroughly.

    Grant Writing and Submission: The Ramsay Group will draft and submit complete grant applications to appropriate agencies on behalf of our clients. The firm will make sure that final grant applications are submitted for consideration in a format consistent with rules and regulation set forth in procedural guides for a particular grant. TRG will also provide grant “advocacy” whereas, during pre and post submission, routine communication to targeted funding sources will be made, prompting the importance of funding programs.

    II. Flat Fee Assignments:

    The Ramsay Group will draft grant applications submitted to the Firm for development. The firm will make sure that final grant applications be submitted for consideration in a format consistent with rules and regulation set forth in procedural guides for a particular grant. Services include:

  • Thorough understanding and adherence to timelines and conditions necessary for grant application.

  • Writing of grant application with staff review and approval prior to forwarding to awarding agency.




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