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We know how important it is for projects to be completed on time, without compromising quality or detail.

At The Ramsay Group, we are intrigued by creative business strategies and take pride in accomplishing effective principles that help finish every challenging task right. View some of our projects below:

  • City of Bakersfield's Consolidated Plan, Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, and Citizen Participation Plan - FY 2010 -2015
  • Southeast Madera County Area Plan
  • City of Delano Analysis of Impediments To Fair Housing Choice
  • City of Delano Housing Element
  • County of Madera Housing Element
  • Fresno West Coalition for Economic Development's West Fresno Asset Map and Five-Year Action Plan
  • City of Clovis Consolidated Plan - FY2006-2010
  • City of Fresno Consolidated Plan - FY2006-2010
  • City of Fresno Empowerment Zone Study Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | (zip files)
  • Fresno African American Church Capacity Survey
  • Reedley, Selma, and Orange Cove Communty Needs Assessment
  • Regional Coordinators for The California Endowment's California Works for Better Health Initiative
  • Southeast Madera Community Plan
  • South Dos Palos Area Specific Plan
  • The California Endowment's Community Scan of Policies and Services that Impact Health Disparities Among Boys and Men of Color in Fresno
  • Fresno County Workforce Investment Board Community Satisfaction Survey
  • Affordable Housing Needs Assessment for Census Tracts 18 and 19



  • $49 million in Federal grant funding for California Cities and Counties for Community, Economic and Housing services for low-income communities
  • $10 million dollars in grant funding to nonprofits ( i.e. HOME Funding, Federal Home Loan Bank, HUD Planning Grants and Private Foundations) for community development
  • 3.7 million in grant funding for affordable housing for the chronically homeless
  • 1.3 million in grant funding from SAMSHA
  • State Department of Mental Health Grant $1.7 million
  • Nonprofit Employment and Education Grant for At-Risk Youth $250,000
  • Grant for Research of Teens Social Habits Awarded Educational $50,000
  • Grant for Research of Latino Education Awarded Educational $25,000
  • Leadership Grant for Low Income Teens $30,000
  • Department of Commerce Grant for Youth Entrepreneurship $250,000
  • Compton College District Foundation Farmers Market Proposal Awarded $15,000
  • Grant for disable persons housing Awarded $90,000
  • Small Business Proposal for Precious Minds Learning Center Awarded $26,000
  • Homeowner Bailout Awarded over 300,000

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